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2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4wd or awd

What type of wheel drive system does a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee use in its 5 trims?

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2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD or 4WD

Laredo 4dr 4x2

Drive Type - no data

The drive type indicates to which axis the torque from the motor is transmitted. There are three types of drive - front, rear, and all-wheel drive. In front-wheel drive cars, the torque is transmitted to the front axle, and in rear-wheel drive cars, it is transmitted to the rear axle. In case of all-wheel-drive cars, the energy is applied evenly to both axles.

Limited 4dr 4x2

Laredo 4dr 4x4

Limited 4dr 4x4

SRT8 4dr 4x4

Determining 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee type of transmission

We would venture to state that the drivetrain system remains the only discipline for major technological enhancements and competition among brands. Quite simply, it is about the method the torque is passed on from the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee motor towards the wheels.

In this section we, list an information of the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee wheel drive systems. In the early days and then for a really long time afterward, the current vehicle market was covered with classical chassis, specifically the rear-wheel-drive. It absolutely was technologically quicker to divide the steering system and also the transmission. But, the FWD almost entirely excluded the preceding scheme, at the very least in passenger vehicles. FWD has a number of advantages. It can make needless the lengthy and huge driveshaft that detracts from the inner volume of the vehicle and demands extra gas ingestion. Apart from that, the front-wheel-drive gives far better handling.

For off-road autos, we need all-wheel drive. You can get huge sparkling symbols 4WD, AWD or 4x4 on the car’s exterior panels. It could be enough to express here that all-wheel drive usually signifies more mobility in releasing the torque between your rear and front axles. So maybe this is a better choice if you are intending to drive more on excellent streets. Alternatively, 4x4 offers to be better on the mud.


Can you go off-road with AWD Jeep Grand Cherokee? Yes, but we'd recommend you don't go too far in one. Lighter and lower than 4WDs, AWD vehicles are well suited to driving along gravel tracks, formed trails and tackling light-duty off-roading

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